Trump Brings Shame to US With Immigration Ban Based on Fear

Donald Trump’s “extreme vetting” plan to keep out “radical Islamic terrorists,” is a policy based in fear, rather than facts. The ban suspends immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations for 90 days and suspends all entry of Syrian nationals indefinitely. This means the fixers that have saved my life in the Middle East for the past two decades won’t be allowed to live in the U.S., a country they dreamed of.

“We don’t want them here,” Trump said while signing the order. “ We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country, and love deeply our people.”

Dreams of the U.S.

I am ashamed of those words. Seven years ago last week, Yasser Kate, who worked for my office in Baghdad, was blown up by a car bomb. He was 40 years old, the father of two little girls, only 2 and 4 at the time, and a trained veterinarian. He had worked for me and a group of Western reporters tirelessly, despite threats to his own well-being, because he believed in loyalty, friendship and commitment.


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