Trump Drops Push for Immediate Withdrawal of Troops From Syria

After that, discussion in the Situation Room turned to issuing a statement that would reassure Syrian Arab allies that the United States would not cut and run, and would reinforce Mr. Trump’s message that Persian Gulf states needed to do more to contribute to the stabilization and reconstruction of liberated areas.

“The military mission to eradicate ISIS in Syria is coming to a rapid end, with ISIS being almost completely destroyed,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said in the statement issued on Wednesday. “The United States and our partners remain committed to eliminating the small ISIS presence in Syria that our forces have not already eradicated.”

It was the latest instance of the president making an unscripted remark with far-reaching implications that prompted a behind-the-scenes scramble by his advisers to translate blunt talk into an workable policy. White House and administration officials also spent Monday and Tuesday trying to translate a series of confusing presidential tweets and comments on immigration into a coherent strategy, including a new legislative push and the deployment of the National Guard to the southern border.

The statement on Syria was issued one day after Mr. Trump made plain his eagerness to pull American troops out, arguing that the United States had essentially already won

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