Trump’s immigration order strands green card holders who were outside country

President Donald Trump’s executive order blocking citizens from seven Muslim nations upended thousands of lives overnight, with even permanent U.S. residents denied entry or stranded abroad over the weekend.

Outraged families and advocacy groups publicized cases of visa holders and permanent residents, including some who’ve held so-called green cards for decades, being detained at airports or barred from entering the United States, including at least 50 who were being held at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Angry, confused and frustrated family members who’d been waiting for loved ones chanted “this is what democracy looks like” and held signs that read “Release our Family!” and “Deport Trump!!” in the international area of DFW’s Terminal D. Federal officials would not confirm the number of people being detained and DFW Airport officials declined to comment.

Protesters also gathered outside John F. Kennedy airport in New York after word circulated that two Iraqis had been detained. News reports later said one had been released.

Trump’s order halts refugee admissions and imposes a 90-day ban on entry for citizens of a select group of Middle East and North African nations.

Immigration specialists say the wording of the order is so murky that its true scope – at least as it applies to permanent residents and dual citizens – will become clear only through test cases.

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