UCLA QB Josh Rosen knows there is life after football

For all intensive purposes, UCLA star quarterback Josh Rosen is a normal college student: he wants to go to class, get his degree, get a job, and start his own business.

Of course, Rosen isn’t your normal college student or even your normal student-athlete. He’s the face of UCLA football. But that doesn’t stop the outspoken quarterback from introspective takes on that broad term placed upon him and other athletes in high school and college.

In an interview with Bleacher Report’s Matt Hayes, Rosen gave his candid thoughts on the illusion that is the student-athlete:

Look, football and school don’t go together. They just don’t. Trying to do both is like trying to do two full-time jobs. There are guys who have no business being in school, but they’re here because this is the path to the NFL. There’s no other way.

For a smart and thoughtful kid like Rosen, staying eligible to play for UCLA doesn’t come as an impossible feat, but he seems to understand the term “eligible” on a much deeper level than most.

Any time any player puts into school will take away from the time they could

Article source: http://www.foxsports.com/west/story/ucla-qb-josh-rosen-life-after-football-student-athlete-080817

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