‘Undisputed’: Will Rickie Fowler finally win his first major at the US Open?

Joy Taylor: “Curtis, can Rickie keep this up?”

Curtis Strange: “No, not what he did yesterday. But rounds like yesterday win championships. So now he has the lead, now he has to play smart, solid golf. It’s a tough golf course out there. We see this every day on Tour. Someone comes out fast and you think, “OK, shot 7-under, is he going to shoot 22 under par?” Well, no. The wind is going to blow, it’s going to rain some. The conditions, you have to remember, were ideal yesterday. He went out early, there was plenty of moisture in the grass, lack of wind. The scores were about what I thought (they’d be) yesterday with no wind, but I think Rickie, it could very well be his time.”

Article source: http://www.foxsports.com/golf/usga/gallery/undisputed-will-rickie-fowler-finally-win-his-first-major-at-the-u-s-open-061617

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