Video crew chronicling Cousins’ FA journey

2:46 AM ET

While the football world waits for Kirk Cousins to decide his future, the free-agent quarterback is filming it.

To give the public an idea of what goes into a free-agent decision, Cousins has been having a video crew follow him and his family for a few weeks, recording the decision process with those close to him that will determine whether he plays in Arizona, Minnesota or New York.

The video offers a glimpse of Cousins’ offseason rhythm and lifestyle: living with his in-laws, working out, fatherhood and his life in general.

Cousins thanks Skins in letter, tags Jets, Vikes

Kirk Cousins penned a thank-you letter on his blog, thanking the Washington Redskins organization and its fans for “making me into the player I am today!”

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  • It’s a free-agent version of “Tom vs. Time,” the documentary that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady recently produced about his life. And now Cousins is producing something similar about his free-agent experience.

    Many athletes have had writers follow them to tell a story like this; Cousins is producing his own video.

    “We are opening up our home to allow a behind-the-scenes look into what really transpires before the contract number scrolls across the bottom line of ESPN,” Cousins said Monday night.

    Eventually Cousins will air much of the footage somewhere, perhaps on social media.