Video: Jeff Mayweather says McGregor vs Malignaggi video exposed Conor’s capabilities

When some footage of the Conor McGregor vs Paulie Malignaggi sparring was released, Dana White boasted that the clip was for those who think that Conor can’t box. A lot of people seemed to think that it painted the UFC champion in a good light, and that he’d now have more of a chance against Floyd Mayweather Jr. than originally expected.

Not according to Jeff Mayweather. Despite already showing an edited video of the sparring designed to make McGregor look good, to him the effect of the video is actually opposite of that.

“That’s part of the politics of boxing, it’s also part of salesman and the build up of everything,” he told Fight Hub about the fans’ reaction to it. “Realistically, by showing that much of what Conor’s doing, they actually exposed what he’s capable of. It’s worse, because he’s fighting a Paulie that’s out of shape.”

“The most important thing was the part they thought they were showing, was the fact that he got knocked down. But even by adding that clip, it actually looked worse, because everything else that happened in between that looked like trash.”

Jeff says the disputed incident was “a little bit of both” as it was both a “knockdown, and a push,” but it doesn’t really matter to him. He

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