Villanova vs. Michigan: All eyes on the maestros of the three-point line

SAN ANTONIO — In the eccentric American art of shooting a basketball in a dome or other football edifice used for the purposes of runaway capitalism, Villanova is the maestro of the 2010s period. That fact lends a geeky fascination to the Wildcats’ title match against Michigan Monday night and Michigan’s excellent unfriendliness toward shooters. A viewer might even keep a digital box score handy on the couch to follow along.

Thirty-two teams have reached men’s Final Fours in the 2010s, in stadiums where play the NFL’s Colts, Texans, Saints, Falcons, Cowboys and Cardinals, plus this Alamodome here. Amid the occasionally debated, alleged bugaboo of shooting in a monstrous cavern, nine of those teams have shot 50 percent or better in a game. The top four: Villanova in 2016, Villanova in 2016 again, Kentucky in 2012 and Villanova in 2018.

“It’s all in the work,” national player of the year Jalen Brunson said Saturday night, in a country where so many basketball players do so much work.

Then he repeated, “It’s all in the work.”

In its three Final Four games this decade, Villanova has played Oklahoma in 2016 in Houston where the shooting had been somber in 2011, then North

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