What does Jon Jones’ positive ‘B’ sample really tell us?

As first reported by ESPN, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ “B” sample has returned positive for the same substance as his “A” sample. A USADA spokesperson provided the following statement to Bloody Elbow:

“Mr. Jones B sample has confirmed the A sample findings. Importantly – as previously stated – due process should occur before drawing any conclusions about this matter.”

There has been some confusion about what, exactly, a positive “B” sample tells us, with some people believing it means Jones has been definitively convicted, or that he no longer has any meaningful defense. That’s not necessarily the case.

To understand what the “B” sample tells us, we need to know how the sample process works. When an athlete gives a sample, a USADA agent monitors them urinating into a container. The urine is then split into two separate, secure containers, which the athlete seals. One container will be the “A” sample, and one the “B” sample.

This is important, because the two samples are actually from the same urine. The “B” sample exists to guard against the possibility of contamination or tampering during testing. When an “A” sample is positive, the athlete has the right to be present, or have a representative present, at the opening and testing of their “B” sample.


Article source: https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2017/9/13/16303866/jon-jones-usada-ped-steroids-b-sample-positive-daniel-cormier-result-overturned-ufc-214

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