What is AAA Travel and Can It Save You Money On Travel?

Before you could research and book your travel in an instant on the Internet, you needed AAA Travel. The information superhighway has made DIY travel planning extremely easy, but travel agencies including AAA Travel still exist. If you’ve grown up in the Internet age, you’re probably wondering what is AAA Travel?

If you or you’re family booked a flight or planned on driving across the country as a child, it’s possible you used an AAA service. Whether you needed roadside assistance, a TripTik, or a travel agent to book your trip, it could’ve been AAA that was there for you.

Today you might not think you need to use a travel agency because they are too expensive, but travel agents can actually be cheaper because they have access to discount rates.

AAA Travel Agency

What is AAA Travel?

AAA Travel–more commonly known as AAA (pronounced “triple A”)–is a full-service travel agency that helps you book some of the following travel expenses:

  • AAA flights
  • AAA hotels
  • AAA car rentals
  • Cruises
  • Theme park tickets
  • Vacation planning

Like Costco Travel, AAA lets you book travel online without the help of an agent.

Unlike Costco, non-AAA members can at least book flights, hotel rooms, cruises, and rental cars online without having to purchase a membership plan. If you a find a better rate on AAA than directly from the travel provider or another travel booking

Article source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnnyjet/2018/03/12/what-is-aaa-travel-and-can-it-save-you-money-on-travel/

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