Who’s to blame for the late Dez Bryant release?

Free agency began on March 14. Thirty days later, the Cowboys made receiver Dez Bryant a free agent.

From the player’s perspective, it’s always better to become a free agent sooner than later. Always. Teams spend money on, and fill needs with, players who are available when the market opens.

So who’s the blame for the fact that Dez became a free agent on April 13? The short answer: Both sides. For the longer answer, keep going.

The Cowboys surely knew what they were going to do with Dez long before they did it. And they knew that April 13 was the last day to make the move before assuming the risk of Dez dropping a dumbbell on his fifth metatarsal during the first day of the offseason program, which opens for the Cowboys on Monday, April 16.

So why not cut him earlier? Having Dez on the roster likely made it easier to sign Allen Hurns. Putting it another way, if Dez had been cut before Hurns had signed, Hurns would have had more leverage in his negotiations with the Cowboys.

But Hurns agreed to terms on March 23. That’s the point where the Cowboys could have made their move. They nevertheless waited until the last possible day before the launch

Article source: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/04/14/whos-to-blame-for-the-late-dez-bryant-release/

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