Why is Jerry Jones fighting with Roger Goodell and the NFL?

Roger Goodell could be in trouble. As recently as six months ago that statement would have been, correctly, dismissed out of hand.

The NFL commissioner’s job, perhaps the most powerful position in the business of American professional sports, seemed impervious to any threat, especially the ones of Goodell’s own making.

He survived Bountygate. It was rough for a time, but he made it through the Ray Rice scandal. He skated through Deflategate too, coming out of that with even more legal precedent supporting his disciplinary powers as commissioner.

Owners opted to count their money instead of make a stink. Goodell held a fractious group of 32 billionaires together through the lockout and collective bargaining agreement negotiations in 2011. It was his crowing achievement as commissioner, a deal that saw owners get just about every concession they wanted from players and set up a decade of labor stability and overflowing coffers. Goodell was untouchable because he made the league money.

Now one of the league’s most powerful owners, Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, is threatening to turn his lobbying efforts against Goodell’s contract extension into a full-blown legal fight.

Jones is threatening a coup d’état, or about as close as it gets to that for the NFL, because he doesn’t like that the

Article source: https://www.sbnation.com/2017/11/13/16626468/jerry-jones-roger-goodell-contract-suing-nfl

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