Why is Silicon Valley helping the tech-savvy jihadists?

7:00AM GMT 21 Nov 2015


What will it take? 129 dead on American soil? 129 killed in California? What level of atrocity, what location will it take for the Gods of Silicon Valley to wake up to the dangerous game they are playing by plunging their apps and emails ever deeper into encryption, so allowing jihadists to plot behind an impenetrable wall?

Fiendishly-complex online encryption is providing the safe space for terrorists to plan bloodshed on an industrial scale. Products like Whatsapp have become, in the words of GCHQ Chief Robert Hannigan, “the command-and-control networks of choice for terrorists and criminals” – precisely because they are highly encrypted.

Isil claimed credit for both the Paris attacks and the bombing of the Russian airliner on Telegram, the messaging app du jour for terrorist nutcases. Because it’s very private, you see. On this end-to-end encrypted product you can communicate beyond the reach of intelligence agencies.

Telegram: the preferred messaging app of terrorists

Isil now even have a 24-hour tech helpdesk to assist would-be jihadis with secure communication, advising them on

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/12008689/Why-is-Silicon-Valley-helping-the-tech-savvy-jihadists.html

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