Why recent trades could be best moves of Cashman’s Yankees tenure

The voice sounded tired and raspy, the result of what Brian Cashman said was a night without sleep, and yet it was clear the Yankee GM was wired with trade-deadline exhilaration that spoke to his feeling about being free to wheel and deal.

As difficult as it was to trade Andrew Miller, an excellent and classy reliever, Cashman had “exploited this current marketplace,” as he put it, for the second time in a week, getting blue-chip prospects from teams desperate for an October difference-maker.

In doing so Cashman convinced Hal Steinbrenner to end the charade that these Yankees were contenders for a championship, and he was finally able to admit to the reality of needing to rebuild for a brighter future.

“The chessboard has changed from years ago,” he said on a conference call Sunday morning. “If you want to be a super team now, there are certain ways you have to go about it.

“The one thing the Yankees have always stood for is trying to become a super team. We haven’t delivered a World Series title (since 2009) but the effort is always still there of dreaming and strategizing about how to become that super team.”

It’s true, while the Yankees always will have a financial advantage over most teams in baseball, it’s no longer prohibitive, as the sport is now flush

Article source: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/trades-best-moves-cashman-yankees-tenure-article-1.2733275

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