Why the Bucks Bet on Eric Bledsoe

Over the first three weeks of the season, basketball fans have learned two things about the Milwaukee Bucks. First, Giannis Antetokounmpo is even better and more dominant than anyone could’ve imagined a few years ago. He’s trending closer to generational talents like Shaq and LeBron rather than small-market All-Stars like Paul George and Jimmy Butler. He’s only 22 years old and on Tuesday against the Cavs, he put up 40 points on 16 of 21 shooting, along with nine rebounds and four blocks. This is a big deal.

The second lesson concerned the team around him. The Milwaukee roster hasn’t made sense for a several years, and it look disjointed again as this season began. There’s a glut of underwhelming big men up front, not enough depth on the wing, and no scoring to pace the second unit whenever Giannis sits. 

This was going to be the riddle for Kidd, the Bucks, and anyone else who’s gotten invested in this team. After clunky losses to Detroit and Charlotte last week, there were coaching decisions to nitpick—it’s early, but the defensive scheme is currently bottom five in the league—but some of most frustrating problems were structural, not strategic. The Bucks have invested resources in the wrong places, and it looked like the only option was to proceed with an ill-fitting roster and hope

Article source: https://www.si.com/nba/2017/11/08/eric-bledsoe-bucks-trade-giannis-antetokounmpo-future

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