Why the Jose Quintana trade makes sense for the Cubs and makes them much better

The baseball world was set for a nap on Thursday on the last day of the All-Star break, but instead Chicago rocked it to its core.
Jose Quintana
was traded to the
Chicago Cubs
 by the cross-town White Sox for a nice package of prospects. 

I know in our world of screaming heads and hot takes, we have to immediately start yelling about why one team fleeced the other, but what if that’s the wrong take? I will now attempt to provide a reasonable breakdown of why the trade makes sense for both sides. 

You can read why the deal was good for the White Sox side as well here. If you prefer to take the Cubs’ side, let’s dive in. 

Why the Cubs made a great deal

The Cubs are 5 1/2 games out of first, but that’s workable. Given that they won 97 games in 2015 and 103 games along with the World Series last year, they are obviously in win-now mode. 

Further, the Cubs have a ton of big-league position players who are young and under

Article source: http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/why-the-jose-quintana-trade-makes-sense-for-the-cubs-and-makes-them-much-better/

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