Winter Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony: Live updates

Let the ceremony begin.

The 2018 Winter Games opening ceremony has begun. There are several unusual things about the site for the ceremony, Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium. First off, it’s small. Seating 35,000, it is dwarfed by the likes of the Maracana (78,000) which hosted in 2016. Second, it’s just for the ceremonies, not any events. Third, it’s temporary. It will be demolished after the games. And lastly it is an unusual shape, a pentagon. Look for some other “5” symbolism in tonight’s show.

It’s cold, but everybody’s prepared.

The forecasts were true: It’s pretty cold here.

Temperatures dipped to around 28 degrees as fans started to enter the stadium an hour before the ceremony, and steady winds made it feel far chillier than that.

Reports emerged during the week that scores of spectators attending a rehearsal here last Saturday ended up leaving early due to the extreme cold. But several fans outside the stadium on Friday declared themselves ready to face the chill


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“I’m from Buffalo,” said Mary Salvador, who had travelled from New York to join a group of Korean adoptees from around the United States. Moment earlier, she had pulled on a pair of dark ski pants. Pulling hand warmers from her pocket, she

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