With UFC 217 win, did Georges St-Pierre just settle an old argument about MMA greats?

There used to be a popular argument back in the day, back when Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva were the two most dominant champions in the UFC and it seemed like neither would ever fall.

It was that same old argument combat sports has been having since the creation of weight classes: Pound-for-pound, for whatever that means, who’s the better fighter?

This was mostly pre-Jon Jones, and pre-Demetrious Johnson. The way it would work was, when Silva went all Jedi on someone, he’d jump to the top of the list. Then GSP would go and completely shut down his next challenger, and soon he was back at No. 1.

Occasionally we dared to hope that they might actually fight each other, but come on, one reigning champ against another? Stuff like that only happened when one guy had more ambition than sense (looking at you, B.J. Penn), so it would have to remain an impossible dream.

Now several years have passed, and oh, the things we’ve seen. We saw Silva clown his way into a knockout loss. We saw his leg snap in half like a piece of dry kindling, and then we saw him come back just in time to blame a positive drug test on Thai sex juice.

We saw GSP win a debatable decision

Article source: http://mmajunkie.com/2017/11/ufc-217-win-georges-st-pierre-settle-argument-mma-goat-greats

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