YouTube shooting suspect built online persona as she scorned real world

    Nasim Aghdam sought to build a mass following online but seemed to shun connections in the real world, a world she saw as dark, diseased and unjust.

    She chased eyeballs on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with homemade videos that attracted hundreds of thousands of views, yielding not just an income source but an identity.

    On social media she was more than an Iranian immigrant who lived with her grandmother in southern California but an athlete, a fitness guru, a model, a poet, a vegan advocate, an animal rights warrior and a film-maker. She was glamorous and fought inequity. She was a star.

    “I think I am doing a great job,” Aghdam wrote in a Farsi post on Instagram. “I have never fallen in love and have never got married. I have no physical and psychological diseases. But I live on a planet that is full of injustice and diseases.”

    When YouTube changed its rules, Aghdam’s video views and income, like those of many other small creators, slumped – an act she apparently interpreted as censorship, betrayal and demanding retribution.

    On Tuesday, after a 500-mile drive from her home near San Diego, she allegedly entered the Google-owned company’s headquarters in San Bruno, outside San Francisco, and opened fire, wounding three employees, one

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